UK-Ghana Door-to-Door Air Freight

UK-Ghana Door-to-Door Air Freight


UK-Ghana Door-to-Door shipping services launched this week to much funfair on Instagram.

This week, we launched our UK-Ghana Door-to-Door shipping services to much funfair on Instagram. For a very long time, our customers have requested this service however, much like everything else we do, we take the time to listen to our customers, plan, verify and implement systems to handle these requests.

It was with much enthusiasm that we were able to launch our UK-Ghana door-to-door shipping service, from 1st April 2021.

From this date, we will be offering a bi-monthly air freight service from the UK to Ghana on commercial flights. Transit is estimated to 5-7 days from departure.

Our customers will see the same level of service they enjoy on our sea freight service for the air freight door-to-door shipments.

Freight charges are as follows:

- For shipments terminating in Accra, £10/kg

- For shipments terminating outside Accra, £13/kg

Our rates are competitive and includes handling and security charges at the airport, customs duties and delivery charges to recipients in Ghana.

As with all air freight shipments, certain items will be prohibited from the service, including alcohol, perfumes, cosmetics, liquids, oils, aerosols and gases.

For further details on this service, please call us on 0208 133 3909 or 0161 818 9600.